January 10 Multi-Estate Auction Update – This Blog Features Vintage Toys, & Games

Today we’d like to share with you more information on some of the vintage Toys consigned to the January 10th auction. These items can be viewed in our Gallery Section at the following link: Click or paste this link to view the Gallery Section: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=2243369&category=0&zip=&kwd= and many of them are in our Absentee/Live catalog which can be found at this link: http://www.auctionzip.com/aflive.html?method=getCatalogLots&catalogref=O42QOYQGN1

Ham & Sam ‘The Minstrel Team’ Piano w/Key by The Ferdinand Strauss Corporation
Ham & Sam ‘The Minstrel Team’ Piano w/Key by The Ferdinand Strauss Corporation

One of the featured toys in this auction is
this original Strauss Ham & Sam “The Minstrel Team” Tin Toy Wind-Up.

The Minstrel Team is one of the earlier piano-band clockwork toys, and features some of the best and most intricate lithography of its time. Simple wind-up mechanism with attached key and stop/start switch. Seated piano pianist appears to slap at the keys, while his companion “dances” and “plays” banjo. Both figures are articulated at the shoulders, while the dancer is also hinged at the knees.

The rear of the piano includes the wonderful clown-on-globe- Strauss trademark, along with the company name and patent information.

It’s interesting to note that the 1921 patent date on the rear of the piano refers to the clockwork mechanism and not the toy itself. The actual toy was made available in 1925 through the Sears Roebuck store or catalog. It appeared for only one year and originally sold for 89¢.

'Jeepster' Dealership Premium ca. 1940
‘Jeepster” Touring Car Dealership Premium

Another highlight of this auction is a 1940’s toy ‘Jeepster’ Dealer Premium. Dealerships would have these on display in the showrooms because the level of detail is so perfect. Only 150 are known to have been made and this one is in excellent condition.

They were made by a company called Al-Toy in the ’40s, right after WWII.  It’s curious as to whether they were first made as promotionals or as toys, but they were toys. The Jeepster Touring Car is considered the last American touring car, and so it has a following all on its own as a collectible.

'Jeepster' Dealership Premium ca. 1940
‘Jeepster’ Dealership Premium ca. 1940

A sampling of other items in this category include: Woodette Tornado Racer, Child’s Sewing Machine, Marbles, Big Little Books, Puppets, Doll House Furniture, Child’s Tea Sets, German Porcelain Composition Doll, Handwerck Doll (needs to be reassembled) Ashton Drake Porcelain Doll, Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Doll, Pocket Train Set, Models, 1970’s Board Games, Wooden Doll Bunk Bed, Wooden Miniature Village, Mechanical Banks, vintage Bicycle Rims, Magic Lantern Slides, Die Cast Cars & Airplane Model Kits, Marbles, Lead Figures, Cannon, Ice Skates in original box, MAR metal Train Tunnel, LMCO Super-Nu-Matic Cap Guns, Metal Airplane, Johillco Red Coat Lead Soldiers, J. Hill & Co. Soldiers & Roman Chariot, De-Luxe Dial Typewriter, Advanced Styled Studebaker Remote Control, Manoil Futuristic Car, Wooden Poker Chips, Webley Air Pistol, Argo Tin Car, Marx’s Roy Rogers Mineral City Tin Litho, Keystone Service Station, Cast Iron Buggies w/Horses, Rocking Horse, and so much more!  What a way to start off the New Year!

Winezeler Woodette 'Tornado' Race Car
Winezeler Woodette ‘Tornado’ Race Car
Tin Litho Race Car
Tin Litho Race Car
Tin Litho Zepplin
Tin Litho Zepplin
Pair of Super Numatic Toy Guns
Pair of Super Numatic Toy Guns
Roy Rogers Mineral City Tin Litho
Roy Rogers Mineral City Tin Litho
Little Miss Sewing Machine
Little Miss Sewing Machine
German Porcelain Doll Closeup
German Porcelain Doll Closeup

The January 10th auction will be held at the Eagleswood Fire Hall located at 219 Railroad Avenue in West Creek, NJ.  The order of sale will begin with a preview at 8 a.m., Box Lot Items at 9 a.m., Cataloged Items at 10 a.m. followed by Table Items and Furniture.

The January 2015 auction filled up quickly.  We are now scheduling appointments for our Spring 2015 multi-estate auction which is now set to be held on Saturday, March 21.  If you are considering consigning to our sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  There’s no fee for us to come out and preview items you wish to sell and you’re under no obligation.  Don’t delay.


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