Exquisite Birds of Boehm — This Week’s Blog

So the ground hog saw his shadow — six more weeks of winter, but only seven weeks until our early spring auction!  And we need every minute of every day to get ready for this event!

We are so pleased to announce that we will have three exquisite Boehm porcelain birds on the auction block in the March 21 auction.

The Boehm studio was founded by Edward Marshall Boehm (pronounced Beam) in 1950 in Trenton, NJ. Since the beginning, artisans from the Boehm Studio took painstaking efforts to recreate the beauty of nature in these fine porcelain figurines.

We are showcasing three of these exquisite porcelain birds in this auction.  Each sculpture is in perfect condition:

  • Boehm Brown Pelican (limited to 100/closed)
  • Boehm Least Tern (limited to 350/closed)
  • Boehm Arctic Tern (limited to 350)

Many of Boehm’s fine, hand made and hand painted sculptures are represented at the White House, presidential libraries, and the Vatican. It’s believed that President Richard Nixon, during his 1972 visit to the People’s Republic of China, presented Premier Zhou En Lai with a Boehm Porcelain Pelican. The Pelican was from the same mold of the Brown Pelican that we are offering at our auction. Now you too have the opportunity to own one, two or all three of these Birds of Boehm.

We will continue to update you with our finds so keep following and liking our blogs, and be sure to watch for our announcement on the availability of the Live Absentee Bid Catalog.

If you are considering consigning to our sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  There’s no fee for us to come out and preview items you wish to sell and you’re under no obligation.  Don’t delay.


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