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  • CIVIL WAR – 1861 – 1865

Confederate Soldier Tintype, Framed Union Soldier Photograph, Union Soldier Cabinet Cards, Old Guard Epaulet, Blood Letting Surgeons Tool, Copper Powder Flask 1st C.C. 86th Pin Back, Naval Officers Hat with Bullion Surrounded Hat Badge, Union Soldiers Hat Unit 416, Union Belt Buckle, Cannon Balls.

  • GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (GAR) Framed Watercolor GAR Soldier, National Encampment Ribbon, Cast Iron Marker, Hat with Bullion Hat Badge, Parade Belt with Buckle
  • SPANISH AMERICAN WAR – 1898. Glass Plate Negative/Rough Riders, Admiral Dewey Medal, Group ‘L’ Fifth U. S. Calvary Soldier Roster Memorial, Veterans Uniform Jacket w/Medal, National Encampment Atlantic City NJ 1939 Spanish American War Veterans 1898-1899 Pin Back.
  • WWI – Photographs, Shrapnel Memento – Provenance, WW I Dog Tag, Machine Gun Noise Maker, Atwater Kent Machine Gun Clinometer, Helmets.
  • WWII – American Flags, Omnigraph Transmitter (Morse Code), MP & Air Raid Armbands, US Regulation Brass Bugle, Army Field Telephones, Japanese & German Armbands, Flags, Zeiss Dienstglas Binoculars, Bayonets, Cattaragus Cutlery, Army Service Caps w/Badges, Navy Dress Hat w/Badge & Dress Blue Hat, Stetson Drill Sgt Hat/Badge, Marine Corp Dress Hat w/Badge, NCO Army Air Corps Hat, Army Artillery Dress Hat, XXX Beaver Drill Instructors Hat, Trench Art, Helmets.
  • Korean War – US Army Hat made by Buffalo Hat Company
  • Vietnam War – Pilot’s Helmet

MEDALS, TOKENS & RIBBONS:  Ribbon–Re-interment of the Remains of Jefferson Davis, GAR Nat’l Encampment Ribbon, Indian War Medal, F&AM Presentation Medal in original wallet dated 1903, Dieges & Clust 100% Duty Medal, Admiral Dewey Medal, Jr. O.U.A.M. Coordination of King George VI Medal, YMCA Field Meet Ribbons, Ribbons promoting the Launch of S. S. Louise Lykes, 1941, & Double Launch of U.S.S. Hambleton, & U.S. S. Rodman (1941), Mexican Border Token (1916), KKK (Ku Klux Klan) Metal Token (Member in Good Standing)

BAYONETS, KNIVES, DAGGERS: USN Blade Knife, WWII Bayonet with Sheath, Frost Cutlery Folding Knife, Bowie Knives, Meat Cleaver, Cattaraugus 225Q Knife, Bosun’s Knife, Antler Handle Hunting Knife, Butcher & Grapefruit Knives, Pen Knife.

DAGUERREOTYPES, TINTYPES & GLASS NEGATIVES: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Portrait on Glass Negative Staff Member Maurice Doody, Rough Riders Glass Negatives, Individual, Couples, Children, & Family Daguerreotypes & Tintypes.

EPHEMERA: Original Big Boy Cola Posters (Irvington, NJ), Bound NY Times Newspapers (Feb. 16-28, 1941), Correspondence to Queen Victoria from Sovereign Commander dated March 13, 1867, ‘The Second Coming of the KKK,’ Linda Gordon, Photo Album, Singer/Big Band Era Autographs/Photo Album, Cabinet Cards, Postcards, GAR Reunion Programs.

FLAGS: 45- & 48-Stars American Flags (American Flag from Hunter Army Airfield, dated September 7, 1941), 2 Japanese WWII Signed Battle Flags, German WWII Flag and Armbands, POW Flag.

ART: N. Currier Color Litho, Currier & Ives Lithos, Framed Pen & Ink by Litty Hado (Gillette, NJ), C. G. Evers Prints, Kamil Kubik Signed Litho, ‘The Subway Kiss’ signed Hooper, Donald Art Co. Native American Indian Lithos, Oil on Canvas Tall Ship Sailing, Grist Mill Oil Painting.

ARTIFACTS: Animal Bones, Teeth and other Dig Finds from Gettysburg, Sharks Tooth, Musket Ball, Bullets/Civil War, Lenape Indian Arrow and Spear Heads, Cannon Ball Shrapnel, Arrow Heads, Shell Fossils.

MILITARY OTHER: Large selection of Binoculars, Patches, Boot Spurs, Anti-Aircraft Telephone, Veterans of Foreign Wars Bronze Marker, Rough Riders Campaign Hat, Naval Academy White Hat, Field Glasses/Binoculars, Mid-century Beer Trays.

SPORTSMEN:  Power Master Crossbow, Tomlinson Gun Cleaner, Anchor, Fishing Rods & Reels.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Smith & Wesson Mirror Glass Bar Sign, Native American Pottery, Klaxon Model T Horn (1915), Model T Hand Crank, Warner Rim Wind Clock (1915), Sirchie Fingerprint Handcuffs, Boy Scouts of America items, Crocks, Tools, Toolboxes, Vice, Shaving & Mustache Mugs, Conestoga Cannon, Railroad Lanterns, Tools, Boxing Gloves, vintage Spark Plugs, Ford Model T Kerosene Lamp, Holsters, Poker Chips, Foreign Coins & Currency, Company Coins, Commemorative Coins, Crock, NJ License Plates, Beer/Bar Trays, Cloth Pistol Holster, Lighters, Foreign Currency.

OTHER KNIVES: Butcher, Pen, Folding, Fixed Blade, 1939 NY World’s Fair Knife, Remington Antler Handle Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Wild West Bowie Knife, WWI ‘Butcher’ Bayonet, Throwing Knife with Sheath.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:  Accordion, US Regulation Bugle, Washburn Guitar, Remo Banjo.