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ENTERTAINMENT MEMORABILIA: Lobby Cardboard Standees (Meet Joe Black, Rocketeer, Betty Page, Toy Story 2, Batman, Catwoman, All Dogs Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast), Betty Page Photographs, Eleanor Parker Autograph, The Wizard of Oz Lobby Cards and Autograph by Mickey Carroll (Munchkin), Michael Uslan Autograph, Toy Story 2 Traffic Safety Cones, DC Comic Kid’s Ride-on Battery Operated Batmobile.

EPHEMERA/POSTERS: Clint Eastwood ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ & ‘Firefox,’ ‘The Rat Pack,’ Charlies Angels, ‘Eddie and the Cruisers,’ ‘Star Wars Episode I,’ James Bond, ‘The Evengers,’ Frank Sinatra Portrait. Steve Hickman Fantasy Print, 1969 Appolo 11 Poster, Dick Tracy Poster, US Army Guide & Airplanes of the USA Books, Palisades Amusement Park Poster Prints.

ANTIQUES/PRIMITIVES: Salt Glazed Crock, unused Photo Album, OAK Gum Ball Machine, Cast-iron, Hammered Copper Lamp, Griswold Rabbit Mold, Century Studio Sliding Camera.

COLLECTIBLES: Joe Camel Hardpack Floor Cigarette Ashtray, Elvis Presley CD Rack, Poster, & Collectible Plate, Great American Diner, Ron Lee (World of Clowns) Figurines.

CHRISTMAS: Hallmark Display & Keepsake Ornaments, Department 56, Shiny-Brite Ornaments, The Bells of St. Nicholas, vintage Christmas Items/Lights.

ART: Oriental Needle Paintings (Needle/Thread or Silk Shading), Thomas Kinkade Accent Print with COA, Peter Bugda Lithograph, H. Bunbury/W. Dickinson ‘A Chop-House’ Print, M. Brice Animal Print, Albert Bierstadt Lithographs, Morris Katz* Paintings, antique hand-carved from Conch Shells Lamps, Lindy Lake Painting near Butler, NJ (M. Katz*).

DISNEYANA: Hudson Pewter Figurines, Island of Misfits Plushies, Mickey Mouse Gum Ball Machine (60 Year Anniversary)

TOYS & ACTION FIGURES: Rustie Porcelain Doll, Friction Cars & Tonka Toys, Star Wars Figurines & Toys in original Boxes, Matchbox Series Cars, Roller Skates, Magnajector, Tootsie Toys, Register & other Banks, early Cardboard Homes, circa 1940’s HO Scale Homes & Town Buildings, Harmonicas, USSR Nesting Doll, Ross Bicycle, Plasticville, Marx, Hotwheels, Games

PERFUMES/COLOGNES: Shalimar Perfume & Dusting Powder, Bleu Blanc & Chanel Perfume, Evening in Paris Cologne, Prince Machabelli, Fleurs de Paris, Old Spice, Black Belt & 007 After Shave.

GLASS, POTTERY: Fenton Hobnail, French Porcelain, Depression Glass, Studio Pottery, Assortment of Curtain Pinbacks, Salts & Pepper Shakers, Jadeite, Holt Howard, Oriental Vase & Erotica Covered Box, Anchor Glass New Old Stock Pitcher/Glasses

MISCELLANEOUS: BUNDY Saxaphone, New-Old-Stock Coca-Cola Diner Style Chalk Board & Ornaments, Promotional Cigarette Lighters, 1927 Naval ‘Leave’ Approval, Miller High Life Light, Knapp Aerotred, Bostonian, Haband Men’s Shoes, Fur Coats, Queen Mary Coasters, Trench Art, Tobacco Pipes, Pocket Knives, WWII Playing Cards, new old stock/case Waterman’s Ink.

*Morris Katz Acrylic Paintings (World’s Speediest Artist. Morris Katz (born Moshe Katz on March 5, 1932, in Galicia, Poland. He passed away on November 12, 2010, at age 78 in The Bronx, New York) was a Jewish-American painter. He holds two Guinness World Records as the world’s fastest painter and the world’s most prolific artist. He has also been called the “King of Schlock Art” and the “King of Toilet Paper Art” because of a novel means of painting he developed using a palette knife and toilet tissue instead of a paintbrush.