How often do you….?

How often do you meet a person whose great-great grandfather was a neighbor of Abraham Lincoln? And, how often do you meet a person that not only lived on an Indian reservation, but was married to the Chief?  So in the spirit of these unlikely events that we did indeed encounter, we are humbled, excited and full of anticipation for this upcoming auction!

On Saturday, January 7th, we will be auctioning not one but TWO President Abraham Lincoln written and signed Endorsements that are authenticated and graded by PSA/DNA.  In addition, other fascinating documents regarding the history of our Country will also be on the auction block. See short list below:

HISTORICAL EPHEMERA:  Civil War Military Pass with a Piece of a Blood Stained Flag; Lincoln Cabinet Cards; Civil War Letter from Israel S. Smith to his wife regarding Fort Sumter. (Smith resided just north of Abraham Lincoln’s home in Illinois and was later appointed to an official position in the treasury department by President Lincoln in Washington, DC). The Degrading Compromise/Rebel Terms of Peace Poster; a hand written Notary Letter Copy dated 1886 of organization known as the “Frontier Guards” as well as a list of names of those who served. (“Frontier Guards” was the forerunner to Secret Service.)  Section of document reads: ‘Enrolled on the 14th day of April 1861 and Mustered into the United States Service on the 18th Day of April 1861’ (plus a section of what appears to be part of the original April 1861 letter); Volumes (Parts 1 thru 24) of The War With the South, History Of (The War for the Union) Virtue & Co beginning 1862.

As if reliving times of the 1860’s through these documents isn’t thought provoking enough, lets change gears and try to focus on life on an American Indian Reservation at Taos Pueblo, NM.  Our consignor not only lived in Taos Pueblo, but was married to Indian Chief Sonny Spruce. He crafted attractive turquoise necklaces, bracelets and rings that are now in demand.  Beautifully detailed clothing, beaded shoes, as well as textiles that had been used during ceremonies are also up for auction.

In keeping with the Native American theme, another consignor has brought us a large selection of Navajo Rugs and Pottery.  The detail in the weaving of each Navajo rug demonstrates how articulate the Navajo women are when creating these artful weaves. Below is a short list of Native American items that will be sold on Saturday, January 7:

NATIVE AMERICAN: Navajo Rugs/Blankets: Two Grey Hills, Teec Nos Pos, Ship Rock, Storm Pattern, Ganado, Western Reservation, Yei, Late Transitional with Water Bug design plus a Chief’s Blanket & Saddle Blanket, Blanket used for Turtle & Deer Dances at Taos Pueblo. Clothing: American Indian Moccasins & Clothing ca 1970:  Turquoise Beaded Purse (Crow), Ladies Buckskin Dress (Lakota), Shawls, Chimayo Vest, Navajo Red Velvet Dress, Beaded Belt. Jewelry: Bone & Abalone Choker, Sterling and Turquoise Jewelry made by Sonny Spruce of Taos Pueblo, NM. Pottery: Acoma, Hopi, Jemez, Zuni, Zia, Kachina Mudhead. Miscellaneous: Wood & Horn Rattle, Navajo & Ojibway, Apache Horse Hair Miniature Baskets, Zuni Fetishes, Frank Rinehart Sepia Prints (complete set of 24).

Sampling of Native American items:

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This is just the tip of the iceberg on this eclectic list of fine, quality items offered.  We sure hope you’ll be able to join us.

Multi-Estate Auction
Saturday, January 7
Auction Preview 8:00 a.m. day of sale or Friday by Appointment (609.618.7216)
Auction Commences at 9:00 a.m.
Eagleswood Fire Hall
219 Railroad Ave.
West Creek, NJ 08092

Unable to attend? Follow the links on our website and register to bid as an absentee bidder.